The re-publication of this poignant memoir brings new material and pictures that further chronicle Jedwin Smith's journey into his deepest, darkest night of the soul. As he and his family struggle through the anguish of his brother Jeff's death in Vietnam at the height of the war, their strength, faith and value are stretched to the threshold of collapse. Smith's core of humanity is fully tested, and when he emerges from his dark night he does so with a renewed sense of empathy and hope. See how one man's journey captures every man's journey in this powerful look back at the ravages of war.


Jedwin's second book, Fatal Treasure — the untold story of legendary treasure hunter Mel Fisher and his decades-long search for the Atocha, the richest of all Spanish treasure galleons — has been optioned Hollywood and is presently under consideration to become a major motion picture.

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While covering Evander Holyfield's successful quest to become the heavyweight champion of the world, Jedwin befriended Mills Lane — the celebrated boxing referee, circuit court judge, and TV personality — which resulted in his writing of Lane's biography, Let's Get It On.


57 Awards

36 years of writing

The recipient of 57 major writing awards Jedwin Smith twice was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize — in 1984 for his coverage of the U.S. Marine Corps peace-keeping force in Beirut, Lebanon; and in 1986 for his extensive coverage of the Eritrea-Ethiopia civil war, for which he was a Pulitzer finalist.

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In The Works

Jedwin is presently working on a novel dealing with a long-lost Civil War diary, the search for which impacts a fractured father-son relationship.

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"A powerful story of brotherhood, bravery and healing."
- Reader's Digest Editors' Choice
featured selection, March 2005


"An engaging account of a remarkable treasure hunt."
- George Cohen, American Library Association


"An interesting memoir for boxing fans."
- Reed Business Information, Inc.

Jedwin has gone wherever the story demanded — from war zones in Africa to the ocean's depths. He has co-piloted WWII fighter aircraft, and fought a 3-round exhibition bout against Mike Quarry, the No. 1-ranked light heavyweight contender.